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Review 6- Plasma Pong

June 28, 2009

Many things these days, such as films, television shows and books are often preluded by the phrase “On Acid” if they are meant to be some form of wacky or crazy. The thing is, they don’t often live up to these high expectations. “Hole in the Wall” was not the ‘Tetris on Acid’ surprise that […]

Review 5- Blight Warrior

January 6, 2009

I was once told by a girl that I work with that by the fifth date she could tell me everything there was to know about the man, and would then dump them accordingly. Despite the fact that she was a bitch and would probably rather enjoy watching people burn barrels of puppies, kittens and […]

Review 4- Attack of the Killer Swarm

October 14, 2008

In the many years that I have been combing the Internet in search of ways to pointlessly waste time, it is no surprise that I have stumbled upon more than a few proverbial Meccas of Procrastination. Perhaps the most interesting of these that I have found would be a little website called ‘The Experimental Gameplay […]

Review 3- N

October 4, 2008

I am a rather fickle person, often prone from jumping from one game to the next, leaving the one I was just playing stranded like a obese person at the bottom of a slightly steep flight of stairs. However,every so often a game comes along that I will continue to play forever. The sort of game that if […]

Review 2- Burning Sand 2

September 27, 2008

Before I go any further into this review I thought I might settle a potential problem that some may have with this game. After playing it, it is quite probable that Someone would say “Mandarth, you Sexual Dynamo! Burning Sand 2 isn’t a game at all, rather more like a tool or a fun program,” and then […]

Review 1- Warning Forever

September 20, 2008

As this is my first official post, I thought i better come out swinging with one of my personal favourites. And so i present to you “Warning Forever!” This game, created by Hikoza T Ohkubo under the name of his ‘Company’ Hikware, is probably best described as the bastard offspring of old fashioned fixed shooter […]