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Review 6- Plasma Pong

Many things these days, such as films, television shows and books are often preluded by the phrase “On Acid” if they are meant to be some form of wacky or crazy. The thing is, they don’t often live up to these high expectations. “Hole in the Wall” was not the ‘Tetris on Acid’ surprise that the television guru’s promised, rather a show that wallowed in its own filth like an obese American with a bad case of Swine Flu. However, I can confidently say, without a doubt, that Plasma Pong is indeed ‘Pong on Acid.’

Plasma Effects

This game, though not without its bad points, is the sort of game that you will whip out to show your friends quickly before class or a meeting. Something that you will play in your spare time. Any time. The game is, in essence, a direct clone of Pong- the object being to push a small non-descript ball past the opponents bat to score points, each level becoming progressively harder. However, this version differs in a few ways. By clicking and holding down the left mouse button you can spew forth a stream of molten plasma to propel the ball towards the enemy. Be mindful that they are doing the same, and so your plasma will intermix and form currents that you should try to take advantage of if you want to succeed in this game. However, be warned: that task is by no means easy. Most people will simply just be content to play the game by just holding down the plasma button and going nuts. And indeed you can do that. It’s a very valid strategy.

Using the Vacuum Power

Using the Vacuum Power

Also, by clicking and holding down the right button you can create a Plasma Vacuum that can be used to attract the ball to your paddle. Beware though- this fail safe isn’t as reliable as you would think. Use it sooner rather than later.

The graphics in this game are quite remarkable. The plasma effects of each level are quite literally state of the art. Running this game on a high end computer, despite the games minuscule 6 megabyte size, is a must so you can simply see all the wondrous particle effects in their true splendor. Colours and patterns dance around the screen like something from an addict’s wet dream. It really is quite beautiful at times. The plasma effects are so beautiful at points I found myself forgetting I was playing a game and actually lost lives because I was looking at the pretty colours and not the ball. Luckily for all those who are easily distracted, press F1 during the game to be able to simply play around with all the plasma effects and lighting tools. It really is quite a show.

The music of this game provides something extra to this game- Atmosphere. The music starts off slow and in a tone that can be described by using no other word but Epic. Guitars, violins and ominous chanting will do that to a gamer. However, whenever you complete a level, the speed of the music goes up a tad, along with the pitch. This means that by level 15 you are being egged on by a bunch of cracked up squirrels. And you know what: that pumps you up even more than the slower chanting!

No, Seriously, Look at the Pretty Colours!

No, Seriously, Look at the Pretty Colours!

This is a great timewasting experience. Play it for 5 minutes to show your friends and marvel at the pretty colours. Play it for 10 minutes to waste some of your boring but valuable time. Play it for 20 to try and get past the games ridiculously punishing difficultly level. Just take this one word of advice- Do Not Play This Game On Acid!

Mandarth Out!

Tips for Playing:

  • No, seriously, Don’t Play This On Acid
  • Try to interpret where the Plasma currents will take the ball
  • Do not get distracted by the pretty colours

Mandarth’s Challenge:

Nice and simple today. Get past level 20. Have fun!

Download Here!


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