Mandarth’s Cavern
Danger – reading this blog can be fatally addictive.

Hi from the Webmaster

Hello, deviousJem here, Lord Mandarths web slave friend who set up his blog.

First off, congratulations on stumbling across the coolest new site on the ‘tubes.  Mandarth’s Cavern has the potential to go off with an absolute bang, create a lot of fun, and help a lot of people in the joyous art of procrastination.

Secondly, and this is very important, tell your friends about this blog. Ideally, we want to see lots of discussion about the games and what you think of them in the comments. Download, Play, Comment; pretty easy, savvy?

Thirdly, because we are using wordpress, which is awesome, you can subscribe to the RSS for instant updates whenever we add to the blog.  Click the RSS ticker in you address bar (look up) or click here for the direct link.  Also, because we’re using wordpress, downtime on this website should be at a minimum.

Finally, enjoy.  Hope you have fun, and please remember, don’t feed the Night Walrus.



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