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Review 1- Warning Forever

As this is my first official post, I thought i better come out swinging with one of my personal favourites. And so i present to you “Warning Forever!” This game, created by Hikoza T Ohkubo under the name of his ‘Company’ Hikware, is probably best described as the bastard offspring of old fashioned fixed shooter games like ‘Alpha Core’ and borrows heavily from this genre. There are many things that it does differently however. Unlike the games of old, you are not confronted by wave after wave of increasingly powerful enemies to reach a boss. Unlike the games of old, you do not upgrade your weapon at all: your ship only containing one weapon that can fire in any direction you wish, at either a wide or concentrated spread. Instead, every wave takes the form of a single boss. That’s it. Just one guy. Now that might seem pretty simple (After all, its just one guy) but here is where all the fun of the game comes from. The first boss is very simple, aptly named the Pure Heart, and consists only of 8 weapons and 5 destroyable pieces, Including the core. However, depending on the way you destroy this first boss, the next one will compensate for the weakness of its predecessor by either increasing the armour of the sections that you destroyed or adding more weapons that are designed to stop you from using a similar strategy, this process repeating for each boss you destroy. For example, if you simply didn’t move, it will deploy massive lasers or wide spread cannon fire, forcing you to run out of the way. On the flip side, if you moved around and liked to dodge cannon fire, it will place more weapons like seeking missile launchers.

Now, with added weapons requires added space to place them.  As such, from around level 10 onwards, the bosses become more outrageous and convoluted than the Hair of a Japanese RPG character. Eventually they get so massive that it cant even fit all of it’s body on the screen at once. In essence, what we have here is a game that Learns how you play and provides an adequate challenge to compensate.

Meet the Pure Heart, the Decepivly Simple first Boss...

Meet the Pure Heart, the Decepivly Simple first Boss...

However, pretty soon, you get Monsters like this one.

However, pretty soon, you get Monsters like this one.

So, now a Little word on game play. If I was asked to describe it in two words, they would most definitely be “Addictively Insane.” The game has a way of simply sucking you into its world as you destroy Boss after boss. The game play is frantic, and there is never a time when you will not be screaming around the screen in your pathetically tiny ship running away from missiles, or cannon fire, or the boss itself. The ability to direct your fire is a good addition, and is absolutely necessary to be able to completely destroy some most of the later Enemies. There are two options of fire, the directable concentrated stream, or the wide spread shot that only goes forwards, but you will (And should) never use the second one. Its pointless. You will die if you stand still. Simple as that.

This game also comes with a number of extra features that enhance its re-playability factor. You can chose from a number of game modes, each presenting a different challenge. First is the basic mode, called 180 Seconds. Here you are given 180 seconds to get as far as you can. Each boss you destroy adds an additional 30 seconds. Each time you die, 20 seconds is taken away. The second game mode is Three Ships. You are given unlimited time and 3 lives to kill as many bosses as possible, with an extra life being awarded for every 100 sections of Enemy you blast. There are also 5 Minute Attack and Sudden Death game modes, along with the nifty feature to create a custom game mode of your own. Another good feature is the ability to watch a video replay of the last time you played the game. Not only does this mean you can study where you went wrong when playing, but you can show the absolutely Fucked Up enemies to your friends. And Trust Me, You Will Want To. This is a fantastic game to play with a crowd of people around you, as each time you finish a level will bring cheers from your fans, and each time the next boss reveals itself will be accompanied by laughter and cries of “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!”

“Warning Forever” is destined to become a classic among any fan of either Indie Games or frantic shoot-em-ups. The Games ability to adapt its fighting style to your particular taste of combat ensures that every time you play, you will see something different, experience something new, and get blown up by a different combinations of lasers, cannons and missiles. In the end though, I cant really tell you about this game. What I have seen is completely different to what you will. So all I really can say is “Download this now, and see why I just crapped on for 848 words!”

Mandarth Out!

Tips for Playing

  • Dont Stop Moving.
  • If you destroy a piece closer to the body, all those other pieces attached to it will explode as well.
  • You will Die. Get Over It.

Mandarth’s Challenge

Play this game on a custom mode where you have infinite lives and the timer set to 999. See how Far you can get. I have only managed to get to level 27 before time runs out!

Download from Here!



2 Responses to “Review 1- Warning Forever”

  1. Mandrew didn’t mention the fact that the boss names are really bad Japanese-to-English transliterations.

    Facing off against the “Hexa-Forced Scorpion Gonzalez” (I kid you not) always makes me titter!

  2. I downloaded this game, it’s crazy fun!! x3 But I can’t get past Stage 9 on the normal time mode. Heh, I’m such a n00b n_n;;;; (The aiming system is kinda hard to get used to …)

    Wah, Jem, I know what you mean with the names >w<

    Thanks for the link!! ^-^

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