Mandarth’s Cavern
Danger – reading this blog can be fatally addictive.

Enter The Cavern…

A Wise Man once said that it is perhaps better to live alone, to keep all the intertwining machinations of the mind inside, to never show the world that which you love for fear of being struck down and having your passions corrupted from within you. That man was a Fuckwit. Whats the point of having an ambition if you don’t show it to others? What will you become? A Wise Man probably, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I’m not the type to not show an ambition to others, whether it be boxing children or setting fire to ferrets. It just so happens that my passion is for Games. Not just Games, but inventive games. I’m not talking Halo inventive (Because who ever thought of firing a gun in a game before?), I’m talking about Games that do something out of the ordinary, that play with a concept that hasn’t been thought of, to use a technology that is radically new. So, Welcome to Mandarth’s Cavern, the container for the proverbial pile of treasure that is Intuitive Gaming, once Hoarded over by, and lovingly stolen from, the Great Green Dragon that is the Internet. So without further ado, our wanky mission statement! This Site now exists for Four sole purposes:

Number One- To provide you with a constant stream of intuitive, addictive, entertaining and original indie games that I, LORD MANDARTH, have collected from the vast regions of the Internet. Yes. Vast.

Number Two- To not only provide occasional game reviews, both of Mainstream and Independent games, but to provide in-depth studies of these games to see in detail what exactly the game has going for it, what it doesn’t, and possibly where the hell it went so God Damn Wrong.

Number Three- To provide snippets of News regarding the gaming world.

Number Four- To Provide a space where I can pointlessly ramble.

So here’s how its going to work people!

Every Week, I will endeavour to place either a copy, or a link to, a new and unique game, posting along with it an analysis of the game itself. Feel free to post back if you disagree or agree with any of the comments I make on any of the games. Most likely you will be completely Ignored, but have fun trying!

Stay Tuned for Official Post Number One!

Lord Mandarth, Guardian of the Frogtapus

Hail the Frogtapus, the Almighty God of Randomness

Hail the Frogtapus, the Almighty God of Randomness


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